United States Becomes A Religion Control State “Old Britain Empire”

The Supreme Court just agreed to hear a case that could nuke the separation of church and state.

In what will almost certainly be a victory for the religious right, the Supreme Court announced on Friday that it will decide whether the Constitution permits a local government to display “on public property a 40-foot tall Latin cross, established in memory of soldiers who died in World War I.” Although a federal appeals court held that this cross violates the Constitution’s ban on laws “respecting an establishment of religion,” the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh — which gave Republicans a solid five-person majority on the Supreme Court — all but guarantees that this lower court decision will be reversed.

Not all “Religion” worship the same “GOD”.  This is a bad idea if the Supreme Court allow a cross or any other religion base monument to be place upon public ground. Whats next a Devil worship monument; a Alien worship monument; etc….

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