30 percent of parcels in the US could be affected by a Teamsters UPS strike

UPS reported a net income of $11.5 billion in 2022, surpassing fourth-quarter expectations and achieving operating profits of over $13 billion with an operating margin of 13 percent.

In the first quarter, UPS handled approximately 18.6 million parcels per day in the United States.

However, the hiring of nonunion workers by the company has drawn criticism from Teamsters spokespeople.

They believe it undermines the collective bargaining process and complicates negotiations.

The Teamsters spokesperson expressed disappointment, highlighting the challenging work done by full-time drivers and part-time workers who earn low wages, stating that they deserve better treatment.

Salary figures from Indeed indicate that UPS drivers make $18.05 an hour in Arkansas, $17.63 in Oklahoma, and $21.02 in Connecticut.